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Copy my Slides, but Change Them Just a Little

May 25th, 2022

I'm giving away all my slides. If you enjoyed one of my talks and wished you could present something like it, you can just grab my slides, customize to your liking, and present. No need to even ask.

Why do I do this?

First, I want to encourage aspiring speakers. Creating a new talk, especially the first talk, is very challenging. I know people who want to speak, but don't know whether they have something to share, or aren't sure how to begin creating a talk. This would hopefully be a good stepping stone, until they get the hang of it.

Second, after giving the same talk three or four times, I grow tired of it. The talk is still good, and many people are robbed of the chance to hear it live. I'd like to give those talks another life.

How to avoid plagiarism accusations?

Feel free to mention that yours was inspired by my talk, and that you had my permission to use the content of the slides. If anyone complains, mention me on Twitter and I will reiterate it to them.

I encourage you to modify the talk a bit to match your own tone and personal experience with the topic. It will make it more of an adaptation than a copy. Use your best judgement.

I'll even coach you

It gets better. I will give you a couple of hours to better understand my talk and help you adapt my content. I will prioritize first-time speakers, but everyone is welcome to reach out and ask for help.

I want more people teaching others. I will teach the teachers. E-mail me.

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