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I'm currently building additional workshops, including refactoring techniques and API writing.

Automated Tests With PHPUnit

Everyone tells you that you need to test. You know the theory, but you don't know where to begin. What to test? What cases to write? PHPUnit is a testing framework for PHP that offers many ways to automate testing. Through realistic and pragmatic examples, this presentation will take you away from echo or var_dump and ease you into the testing business.

Web Application Security

Web security is an ever-changing landscape. Protect your infrastructure and your sensitive data with this 1-day workshop. We'll start with the theory behind application hardening. We will then go through a multitude of common vulnerabilities, along with concrete examples and solution in your target programming language. We'll finish with an interactive risk assessement session.

Symfony 4

Symfony is a powerful framework with a strong community. In this course, you will learn how to set up a project complete with routing, form validation, CRUD operations, authentication and cache. We’ll cover both standard applications and REST APIs.

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