About Me


I am a software expert. As vice-president at FooLab, I audit and guide IT projects to increase their efficiency and to help clients achieve their business goals.

I also organize ConFoo, a world-renowned conference for developers in Montreal and Vancouver. I give presentations at conferences all over the world and publish articles in magazines.

What others say:

“You have a serious problem and awesome Anna just fixes it.” — thePHP.cc
“Anna is a valuable business person.” — Office of International Affairs
“Anna certainly packs a lot of talent and experience.” — CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions
“The mentorship is paying off! Your help and guidance has enabled me to create something for a client without googling, and without asking you. Thanks!” — George Clark


I offer a multitude of services, such as project rescue, development, training and mentoring.

Phone: 514-500-0409
Email : anna @ foolab.ca
Daily power tweets: http://twitter.com/afilina
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/afilina