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Recordings of presentations that I gave at local and international conferences.

Test Doubles with PHPUnit

Test doubles are objects that replace the real classes or methods. They are useful in cases where you want to isolate the parts that you are testing from the rest of the application. Learn which types of test doubles exist and how to use them.

Cyclomatic Complexity

Cyclomatic complexity is a metric that tells you how many paths can your code take during execution. In combination with code coverage, it can help guide your coding and testing efforts.

SOLID Principles Part 1: Single Responsibility

Learn about the single responsibility principle and how to apply it in your code. I present my approach, along with the right questions to ask and common pitfalls to avoid. The examples are in PHP but the concept applies in any programming language.

Interfaces and Value Objects

Learn how to leverage interfaces and value objects to effortlessly write testable code. This will be an introduction on how to use them, without going too deep into the theory.

Flexible Symfony 4 Services

Services are a great way to make your applications easier to maintain and adapt to new requirements. Learn how to create them within the Symfony 4 framework.

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