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Here is what satisfied customers have to say.

Joe Asmar
Vice President, Operations at SSENSE
Great person to work with, goal oriented and straight to the point. Anna is the person to go to when faced with complex database issues. Anna is able to operate under high pressure and prioritize action points while keeping in mind the business requirements and expectations. I highly recommend Anna for projects related to MySQL performance optimization.
Jamison Ervin
United Nations Development Programme
Anna was an integral part of developing, programming and deploying our corporate website. She was wonderful to work with, and delivered on time under a tight and high pressure deadline. I would highly recommend her for any programming work in the future without any reservations whatsoever.
Cale Gady
Anna was recommended to me as an absolute choice for performance tuning. Within 2 minutes of being on the phone with her during initial conversations, I knew that she was the right one for the job.

In just 4 days, we received incredible value. Large accomplishments were made in performance tuning, and better yet, our developer walked away exponentially stronger in each of these areas.
Daniel C.
I found Anna by searching the “project rescue” term on Google. I could describe her as “Wonder Woman” of coding, I’m not joking. She is absolutely IMPRESSIVE: really smart, detail oriented and big-picture thinker in the same time, very skilled both in back-end and front-end, but most importantly, delivers the work at the precise time she says she will deliver it. No excuses.

And those are the qualities that everybody is looking for in a web-development contractor for an important project. Be sure to book her time well in advance!
Daniel Fréchette
CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions
Anna certainly packs a lot of talent and experience. She follows a well structured thought process and never gets distracted by side issues. She has a direct and straight-to-the-point personality, which ensures that things get done quickly and efficiently.
Tom Edwards
National sales manager at Automotive Computer Services
Anna worked on our new product development team and was the key to achieving a number of difficult initial goals that were set for the team.
Mario Blažek
She gave helpful tips about optimization, especially for optimizing the processing of a very big amount of data and how not to clog your CPU and RAM.
Tomas Norre
Had a really great one on one workshop on refactoring with Anna Filina today. I'm really looking forward to convert some of my new knowledge into a better TYPO3 Crawler.

The tasks doesn't look as big anymore after getting a better understanding of the options. Thank you Anna.

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