Increase Efficiency of Remote Communications

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your remote communications by a factor of ten? Keep reading then. Respond immediately. If you have all the necessary information to respond to an e-mail, do it now. You already spent time reading the e-mail. By not responding immediately, you are wasting time re-reading it next time and categorizing…

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Raise the red flag

All project failures can be prevented. There are countless reasons. Some technical and some non-technical.  Some internal and some external. Some we can control and some we cannot. But there is one thing that they all have in common: we can raise the red flag. With enough experience, we can see things coming before it’s…

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There’s more to startups than unicorns

I recently read an article in which the author shares some of the annoying things that the IT startup world is spreading. I am also annoyed by the unrealistically pretty picture that people like to paint. You go in, you do fun stuff, you make all the decisions, you make millions, you become famous, etc…

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Searching by association’s index in Doctrine 2

I stumbled upon quite an interesting problem in Doctrine 2 with ManyToOne associations. Consider this entity:

A user can leave a comment on an article. Later, I attempt to query an article with comments made by a specific user. This is the DQL that I wrote:

This makes perfect sense, since Doctrine added…

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Methodologies are not Infallible or Timeless

Agile methodologies are a big trend. Some adherents promote their methodologies like religious fanatics. They tell you that your soul will burn in hell if you don’t embrace the teachings… err that you’ll have a dysfunctional team and that your project will fail. Although these methodologies have some merits, they’re not infallible…

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