AS3 data binding and component states

If you ever developed a complex data-driven application, you probably stumbled upon the data binding nightmare. Altough a great feature in Flex (a central one in my opinion), it lacks a bit of control. I needed a form with multiple states depending on the flavor of the edited object. This way, I could have common…

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AIR Prerelease Tour

I attended a presentation on Flex and AIR yesterday. Mike Potter was unable to come and was replaced by LordAlex Leon. The presentation began with a long description of Adobe applications and their integration, but an hour later finally reached AIR. The part about AIR was quite short and did not teach me anything new…

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FlexNativeMenu Tutorial & Issues

So you want to have cool menus when you right-click an object in your flex app. First, create the FlexNativeMenu: The popupMenuDataProvider refers to an Arraycollection:

The menu will be displayed within a listener such as rightClick on a component of your choice:

Now we need to handle the click in the menu:…

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AS3 and Runtime Sharing

Runtime Sharing has been quite a puzzle for me for some time now. Here are a few problems that I solved: Exporting an imported asset When in AS3 you want to import an asset from a swf, you get it by its linkage name. What if this asset needs to be imported from another swf?…

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Working with types in AS3

ActionScript 3 is strong-typed, which is great to detect possible errors at compile-time. Here are a few tips for working with types. Type wildcard

This is not recommended (can cause runtime errors) but is possible. I suggest using a common parent (DisplayObject, for example) whenever possible. Type checking

This is most useful. Example:…

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