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Project Rescue

When the development team has nothing to show after 4 weeks, it is a sign that the project is in trouble. You need someone to look at the methodology and help get the project on track. Problems are more often organizational than technical:

  • Poorly defined goals, specifications, responsibilities or deadlines.
  • Lack of trust, communication or honesty.
  • Toxic people in the organization.
  • People put into incorrect roles.
  • Inefficient tools or methodologies.

Project rescue is not only used as a last resort. The same principles can be applied preemptively:

  • Assess the work environment, methodologies, technical decisions, etc.
  • Steer the team in the right direction.
  • Report on strenghts and weaknesses and propose steps to improve.
  • In needed, accompany the team until a milestone or project completion.
Mélissa Côté
She has built a reliable team in Europe and her calm, combined with her expertise and ability to solve problems has made her a respected team leader.

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