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Incident Response

An incident response is typically a short intervention to resolve a pressing issue with a web application. For example:

  • Performance degradation
  • Data breach
  • Production bug

Here is how the intervention is usually carried out:

  1. Apply short-term solutions to mitigate the issue.
  2. Analyze the relevant elements of the environment, such as the database, the code, the server infrastructure, etc.
  3. Propose and implement solutions.
  4. Document all findings.
  5. Make further recommendations to increase the application's resilience.
Joe Asmar
Vice President, Operations at SSENSE
Great person to work with, goal oriented and straight to the point. Anna is the person to go to when faced with complex database issues. Anna is able to operate under high pressure and prioritize action points while keeping in mind the business requirements and expectations. I highly recommend Anna for projects related to MySQL performance optimization.

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