I work on non-exclusive contracts. I absolutely don’t deal with recruiters or intermediaries. Here’s how to contact me.
  • I can audit the project’s planning before development begins, which is where it would be most beneficial, or audit the project’s progress at any other stage. Both are one-time services that require little engagement and yield dramatic results.
  • Project guidance or rescue are meant to maximize your team’s efficiency and ROI, and reducing the overall project cost. I will guide you and your team in order to achieve the project’s business goals, within the allowed time and budget.
  • Mentoring is a mid to long-term program to improve a developer’s skills and confidence.
  • If you need help immediately, you can schedule a 1-hour “pick my brain” session.
  • I am also a highly skilled and effective developer, able to achieve great results faster than entire teams. My work comes highly recommended:
  • I am an internationally-recognized speaker on development and management topics:


Note: HTML, CSS, XML and experience in other basic Web technologies is implicit.

Project rescue expert & developer, FooLab Inc. – June 2011 to this day

Testimonials and Success Stories on the corporate website:

  • Fidelity platform for Essilor, manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses & ophthalmic optical equipment.
    • Currently under construction.
  • Forum on biodiversity for United Nations Development Programme.
    • Discussion board around various themes and regions.
    • Search for resources, best practices and e-learning.
    • Search for and contact biodiversity experts and consultants.
    • Review peers.
    • Website currently supports 3 languages, projected to support 6 or more.
  • Work instructions management system for Châteauguay Machine Parts.
    • Categorization and advanced search tools for instruction projects.
    • Version control for instruction projects, complete with review process and tracking of each individual change.
    • Users are alerted when a new version for their instructions comes out.
    • Visuals are created with easy to use annotations for each step.
    • Annotations can be created in a multitude of languages, with translation tools to aid the authors. Language switching is seamless to the machine operators.
    • Auto-advancement can be selected based on a timer or based on data from factory tools, acquired via proprietary connectors that were developed specifically for this project.
    • Quality control data is gathered from the operators as they complete steps. This data is then used for tracking defects and generating performance/takt reports.

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, PHPUnit, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, MySQL, Selenium, SVG, Node.js, SocketIO

Organizer and developer, ConFoo – June 2006 to this day, previously known as PHP Quebec Conference, is a conference on Web technologies in Montreal.

  • 3-day conference, training and job fair: organization (planning, finances, logistics, etc.)
    • Planning and enforcing the annual budget.
    • Managing service providers, such as design, print, audio-visual, Internet, venue, catering, booth shipping, communications, advertisers, etc.
    • Managing sponsor relationship, contracts and payment.
    • Speaker research, selection and relationship.
    • Attendee relationship.
    • Coordinating setup of venue and expo hall.
    • Etc.
  • Website and internal tools.
    • Call for papers and public voting system.
    • Tools that facilitate the selection of proposals for organizers and advisors, including flight and hotel estimation tools.
    • Robust timetable creation tool with management of various constraints, such as speaker origin timezone (for jetlag), theme overlap, speaker conflicts and estimated room size based on personalized schedules.
    • List of selected speakers with individual pages.
    • List of selected presentations with individual pages and filtering by theme.
    • Timetable with filtering by theme and personalized user schedules.
    • Archive of this content by year (speakers, sessions, schedule).
    • News and pages management.
    • Created a mobile version of the site with a dynamic schedule that helps attendees find out what’s coming up next.
    • Reporting tools for talk popularity, speaker cost break-down, session statistics and sales reports.
    • Full payment and order management system.
    • Distributed attendee registration system with barcodes.
    • Tools for generating printable timetable, attendee and speaker badges, etc.

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, SVG, WebSocket messaging

Independent consultant and developer – May 2009 to June 2011

  • Client and sales management intranet for Spa Oasis.
    • Product management and invoice system.
    • Attribute fidelity points based on the amount of transactions. Clients can view their balance online.
    • Use fidelity points for products and discounts.
  • Online catalog for Yellow Shoes.
    • Convert static catalog images into an interactive online catalog.
  • Flash game for Têtes à claques, a tabletop game similar to carrom.
    • Physics engine for particle acceleration and collision.
    • Animated responses from opponent character.
    • Apply game rules.
  • WordPress plugin and PHP library for Praized Media.
    • Create a connector between a PHP frontend and an API.
    • Integrate into WordPress as an installable plugin.
  • E-commerce application for Phonetastic, a service that allows to convert any existing phone plan into an unlimited plan.
    • Catalog of phone service packages.
    • Payment process including phone number selection based on regional code.
    • Integration with telephone system for number activation and management of quick-dial numbers.

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, ActionScript 3, Flex

Developer, Automotive Computer Services – October 2008 to April 2009

ACS offers application support for car dealerships across the United States. The company is located in Mobile, Alabama.

  • Car dealership management software.

Technologies used: PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, ActionScript 3, Flex, AIR

Developer, Tribal Nova – January 2008 to October 2008

Tribal Nova is located in Montreal and creates Web game platforms for children.

  • Game engine and scenario management tool for My Friend Rabbit by Treehouse.
  • Web game platform for BayardKids.
  • Games for PBS Kids Play.
  • Framework and scenario management tool for CBC Wonderworld.

Technologies used: ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Flex, AIRPHP, JavaScript

Developer, uMaestro — September 2006 to September 2008

uMaestro is located in Montreal and specializes in Web software development with open source technologies.

  • CRM for Global Nomad Group.
  • Corporate housing search tool for Global Nomad Group.
  • Invoice system for a network of health clinics
    • Boosted performance 100x

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript

Developer, Sygenics Interactive — February 2006 to May 2006

Sygenics is located in Montreal and develops various multimedia applications.

  • EXVR video on demand system’s User Interface.
  • Online MangaPets game.

Technologies used: ActionScript 2, Flash

Part-time independent developer — August 1997 to July 2005

Customers were located mostly in Montreal. Among projects of consequence:

  • E-commerce and order management application for a flower store.
  • Online community for manufacturers and users of medical equipment.
  • Search engine for apartment rental.
  • Online matchmaking service.
  • CMS and business directory for a community magazine.

Technologies used: PHP, ActionScript 2, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, JavaScript


I am highly experienced in increasing performance, building working software and eliminating the most elusive bugs.


  • PHP 4 and 5 (11 years)
  • JavaScript (11 years)
  • AJAX (7 years)
  • HTML, CSS (16 years)
  • XML (8 years)
  • ActionScript 2 and 3 (12 years)


  • Symfony (5 years)
  • Zend Framework (2 years)
  • CakePHP (1 year)
  • CodeIgniter (2 years)


  • MySQL (11 years)
  • Oracle (2 years)
  • MSSQL (1 year)

Applications and tools

  • IDE: Eclipse, TextMate
  • Source control: CVS, SVN, GIT
  • Varnish
  • Squid
  • Redis
  • Etc.


  • eCommerce and electronic marketing, HEC Montreal
  • Computer Science Technology, Vanier College


  • Get along easily with other people
  • Communicate well with non-technical people
  • Can manage a team of developers
  • Highly efficient and effective
  • Trilingual
  • Deliver projects on time, always


  • Direct and honest
  • Professional in all interactions
  • Working software is better for my clients than clever architectures
  • Client satisfaction leads to good referrals
  • To learn more about my values, follow me on Twitter for daily power-tweets: