Would I Want to Live Forever? Hell Yeah!

I saw this video the other day.

I strongly disagree with that sentiment. If I could live forever, I would have done all the things. Right now, I have to constantly pick one thing over another. I have to prioritize. I abandon too many projects before even starting them, because I know that I simply don’t have the time to accomplish everything.

Sure, I would postpone stuff more often, but then I’d just do something else instead, because I’d get bored doing nothing. I’d use that downtime to go do that trip I never had the time to do. I‘d do all the professions. I have way too many interests to sit around doing nothing. I have 10,000 ideas every day, so I will never run out of things to do. The world will be evolving with me, so there will always be new things to try, new people to meet and new problems to solve.

I don’t know if it’s false modesty, lack of imagination or just differences in personality that make people say that they wouldn’t want to live forever. I know my personality and one lifetime is definitely too short for someone like me. Give me 50 lifetimes, at least.

2 thoughts on “Would I Want to Live Forever? Hell Yeah!

  1. Johny

    It all depends on point of view. If I would define my life by the work – hell yea, give me 50 lifetimes. But I don’t. And living 50 lifetimes would be hard to handle, for me. Everyone I know would be dead. Most places I know would change a lot. How many wives I could have before telling myself: I can’t handle another loved wife funeral, it’s better to be alone? How many children I would have to bury in the ground before I would say: I can’t handle another one, It’s better to be alone? Living 50 lifetimes would mean a lot of sacrifice, witch I’m not willing to make. I work to have life the way I like it – I do not live to have work the way I like it. However, I’m happy that there are people like you, who would like to live long and make so many good things during that time. But as far as I know myself – I wouldn’t handle that.

  2. Funny, from what I know about life, those we often call masters say that life has no end. We just change bodies. I do not remember my life, every time I try to do it, I see myself as energy only, but my sister remembers their lives and was shocked for a long time to remember the things she did to others to thousands of Years ago, to her husbands including her current husband, who in the past she murdered him and thousands of people. But today she has reached balance, forgiven herself and seeks to be herself. Thankfully she remembered this on her own without getting carried away by spiritual charlatans out there.
    I believe that the goal is to see beyond that which we call real. Scientifically speaking, everything is energy. The universe, and everything in it, including us. If everything is energy, nothing ends, especially if the consciousness that agglutinates a heap of energy to form a body wants that body to be indeterminate.
    The world is wonderful and magical. If we take a look at the research around the planet, there is much that goes beyond what religions and science preach. In fact such things are science not understood. We have Tibetan monks who are able to maintain body temperature in below-zero climates even when they are naked. Others have shown that even sacrificing themselves in the public square (being burned alive) manages to keep the body without trembling and with a slight smile and calm. Some scientists are intrigued and begin to study the minds of such people to know where this ability to control this energy called the body comes from.
    I believe that one can rejuvenate and have long lives, there is evidence of this on our planet that even medicine does not explain. For there is nothing wrong with or different in the DNA of these people, and so scientists simply say, for example, as an old man who argues that he does not drink water and does not eat anything more than seventy years old, can be locked in the laboratory And monitored day and night for weeks can be alive and enjoying impeccable health as demonstrated by his blood tests.
    I think this is, and many other strange things happen to us, such as moving around briefly in epochs prior to ours, a proof that we are not what we think we are. We are much more and the reality we think we know is actually something shaped by our own mind. We simply cage in these beliefs and stop ourselves from flying to the higher realities.
    Long life to you!

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