For your enjoyment, I occasionally express my opinions in poems.

Best Practices

Call the database from the view
Controllers fat as a raintree
A phase that many devs go through
When they begin with MVC.

We expect them to know better
But they will learn to write great code
If the expert and trendsetter
Steer them towards the preferred road.

SEO (sing it!)

We don’t need no traffic building,
We don’t need no SEO,
No link exchanges in your network,
Spammers! leave us all alone.


This architecture’s really nice,
But something simpler would suffice.

From Theory to Practice

You learn so much from all these sources,
From blogs and books and online courses.
But don’t forget that every week
You need to practice your technique.

For you will not become a pro
Merely by watching others go.
Allow yourself to try and fail
And in the end, you will prevail.

Open Source Contributions

When one’s spare time is a donation
To projects for the good of all,
Please don’t destroy their motivation
With comments lousy and dull.

Instead, salute their contribution,
Perhaps propose a helping hand,
Give them advice and find solutions
To make community more grand.

Database Index

There is an index on each field
And all selects take long to yield.
Try finding which ones you need,
Remove the rest and feel the speed.


Did you forget
That you were once
A novice dev
Without stance?

These youngers devs
Please don’t offend.
Help them evolve,
Don’t condescend.

Code Review

Your large commits to the codebase
Are very hard for me to trace.
To smaller changes you must break
This code that makes my brain ache.


Before you code
You better test,
So that on weekends
You may rest.

8 thoughts on “Poems

  1. I love these! Someone showed me the Feb 21st one (today’s) because I’m a MySQL DBA, and the funny thing is that just today I recorded this week’s OurSQL podcast (http://www.oursql.com) and included a section on pt-index-usage – http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-toolkit/2.0/pt-index-usage.html – a tool that allows you to figure out which indexes are actually used, given logs.

    (hope that helps! And keep the poems coming! Note that the podcast itself won’t be published until Friday, we record on Tuesdays and publish on Fridays, and our sound editor works his magic on the days in between.)

  2. Hey Sheery! Long time no see. Thanks for this tool. I didn’t know that it existed. I always relied on my sense of smell for that, but it requires a lot more effort. I’ll try this out and give you some feedback.

  3. Awesome!!!!! Love these poems!!!

  4. Anurag Aeron

    Excellent!! Especially the open source one… because I want to perform some task using PHP on GeoServer and PostGIS. But still not got success.

  5. Johny Patera

    Wau, TDD one is cool ;o)

  6. Dinesh Kumar Sahoo

    Loved all of them. They are awesome !

  7. Glad I embarked on this place…
    Not a full-time developer however I am learning at my pace

    Never did I think I would read coding thoughts in a poetic way
    I enjoyed reading your poems hope there are more coming on the way…

    Keep it coming 😀

  8. SEO!

    i sing it in my mind and i still smile about it.
    finally someone who thinks like me.
    its difficult to hear those voices in this seo and marketing driven internet this days.

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