doctrine:insert-sql for MAMP users

One of my computers has MAMP installed. I was trying to build a database schema from a YAML file. When time came to insert the SQL using…

>php symfony doctrine:insert-sql

the following error message appeared:

>Couldn’t locate driver named mysql

MySQL worked fine on this computer for many years so a missing driver was out of the question. After some thinking I realized that the command “php” actually refers to OS X version of php and not the one that ships with MAMP. Since I was too lazy to properly configure the extensions for the OS X version, I simply pointed the “php” command to the MAMP version using the following line:

>alias php=’/Applications/MAMP/bin/php5/bin/php’

I ran the symfony command again and it worked perfectly!

3 thoughts on “doctrine:insert-sql for MAMP users

  1. Giacomo

    I LOVE YOU ANNA FILINA!! i was trying to work it out this problem and you solved it!!! thanks a lot!

  2. Higor Morais

    thanks a lot, u save my work time.

  3. Thanx a lot, it saved my evening !!! 🙂

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