Better Link Previews on Social Media

There’s a protocol called Open Graph that allows you to specify metadata for social media sites. Add some these tags to your <head>:

Now when you link to this page on a social media site, you’ll get the preview you want. Provided of course that the social media site reads the Open Graph metadata…

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Creating Courses and Talks with Mind Maps

Many people are intrigued when I say that I am able to cut my course and talk preparation time by roughly 70% using mind maps. The first instinct is to write slides, but that is wrong. Slides are linear. With the ability to make transitions, add pictures and express ideas in full sentences, they are a…

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ConFoo Call for Papers is Open

ConFoo is once more seeking passionate speakers for the upcoming conference. The event is happening in Montreal, Canada, between February 24th and 26th, 2016. It is an exciting conference for web developers with speakers from all over the world. It unites many web programming languages under one roof, as well as other topics related to…

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Forcing Doctrine to Persist

I stumbled upon a case where Doctrine would refuse to persist my entity due to a very special circumstance. Here’s the context: I’m using a generic method in my Repository to fetch a Post. I’m selecting partial fields like this:

If the entity is found, then I proceed to delete it by setting is_deleted to true,…

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How skiing made me a better developer

I’m currently sitting at T-Bar & Grill in Panorama, British-Columbia, Canada. I had a great week of skiing and another week to come. While ripping the slopes at ear-popping speeds, my mind was surprisingly free to roam and explore ideas that lead me to this article. I’m going to tell you how skiing made me…

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