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ConFoo Montreal 2017 Calling for Papers

Want to get your web development ideas in front of a live audience? The call for papers for the ConFoo Montreal 2017 web developer conference is open! If you have a burning desire to hold forth about PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, or any other web development topics, we want to see your proposals. The window…

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File Permissions for Web Servers

Many of you have asked me to write an article about Unix file permissions for web servers. This will serve to combat all those recommendations that are floating around, such as chmod -R 777, which I like to call the “hacker’s jackpot.” Basics of File Permissions The first concept to understand is the three roles. The user has the…

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ConFoo Vancouver: Call for Papers

We are happy to open the call for papers of ConFoo Vancouver 2016! If you are interested in speaking about web development and related topics, please submit until June 6th. We will cover travel and hotel for the speakers who require it. ConFoo Vancouver will be held on December 5-7, 2016. For those who are…

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We are all biased

If you think that you are special and not biased, you’re not. We are all biased in some way. Before we talk about bias, let’s talk about inference and prejudice. Why does prejudice exist? When we are children, everything is new. We don’t have the experience to decide whether something is good or bad, so we don’t…

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Experience With Immigration Fraud

As you may know, I organize a conference that gets many international speakers and attendees. Although many of them have no issue travelling to Canada, some require a travel visa, which means that the Canadian embassy in their country will grant them permission for a temporary stay. Citizens of some countries have an extra step…

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