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Would I Want to Live Forever? Hell Yeah!

I saw this video the other day. I strongly disagree with that sentiment. If I could live forever, I would have done all the things. Right now, I have to constantly pick one thing over another. I have to prioritize. I abandon too many projects before even starting them, because I know that I simply don’t…

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Why Objects Over Arrays?

I saw a tweet earlier today “there seems to be this obsession with turning everything into an object”. Here’s a detailed response as to why using objects instead of arrays is a good idea, in my opinion. The Problem I once took over a project written in ActionScript 3. It was a fairly simple project. Five mini-games…

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ConFoo Montreal Early Bird + Vancouver Dates

You can save on ConFoo Montreal tickets until January 20, 2017. This huge conference will be held on March 8-10, 2017 and will feature over 150 presentations. There is a great range of topics, including PHP, many other programming languages, databases, security, performance, machine learning and project management. We also just confirmed the dates for…

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Increase Efficiency of Remote Communications

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your remote communications by a factor of ten? Keep reading then. Respond immediately. If you have all the necessary information to respond to an e-mail, do it now. You already spent time reading the e-mail. By not responding immediately, you are wasting time re-reading it next time and categorizing…

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Conference Organization: Speaker Agreement

At ConFoo, we use a speaker agreement to ensure that accepted speakers take their commitment seriously and understand the impact of a cancellation. We used to lose thousands of dollars due to speakers cancelling after we already purchased their flight (as a non-profit, that hurts). It’s also an opportunity to remind them to be respectful and make sure…

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